How to make a cactus picture for wall

Cactus con piedras pintadas para cuadro por PiedraCreativa

Cactus picture for wall with painted stones

Hello stone painters! Today we show you a step by step to learn how to make a beautiful picture of cactus with painted stones. This craft is cheerful and will decorate with style and color your home.

How to make a cactus picture for wall
How to make a cactus picture for wall


And now, we show you how we have done it, so that you can also have this beautiful cactus picture for wall in rock painting.


The materials needed are:

Materials for cactus picture for wall - PiedraCreativa
Materials for cactus picture for Wall
  • 12 stones
  • Brushes
  • Acrylic paintings
  • A piece of bark
  • Glue for stones
  • A sheet or cardboard for the background
  • A framework
  • Acrylic spray varnish

Step by step to make the cactus picture

Before you start you should consider some things: Protect the surface where you go to make your cactus, change clothes using some that you do not mind that it stains, prepare a container with water and paper napkins. And there is only, relax and enjoy this moment. Are you ready?

We begin with the step by step:

1. Make a first example draft

First make a composition of how the craft can be with the frame before painting it, so you will only use and paint the stones you need.

Sketch of cactus with stones
Sketch of cactus with stones

2. Wash the stones

Step by step for cactus picture
Step by step for cactus picture

Wash the stones very well to remove any dust that may have, that will make you get the paint better.

3. Paint with acrylic paint

Then, if the stones are dark, paint them in white so that the green looks more alive. Then apply green paint to the stones of the cactus and of pink that are destined to make the flowers. Wait until the paint on the first layer is dry to apply the second, and if necessary, add a third layer.

4. Paint the spines

To make the spines, you can watch the video of cactus painted in stones, there I explain several ways of how you can realize them.


5. Cut out the cardboard

DIY picture of cactus with stones Piedracreativa
DIY picture of cactus with stones Piedracreativa

Cut the sheet with the size of the picture.

6. Picture with or without glass

You can make the picture with or without glass, and it will depend on what you like. To give a more professional touch, we have put the crystal. If you opt for the glass, the picture must be deep for the stones to enter inside.

7. Paste painted cactus stones

Once you have all the stones painted and dried, we paste them in the sheet.

8. Apply acrylic varnish

We applied the spray varnish once we had the stones glued together but, if you prefer to apply varnish with a brush, you’d better do it before you stick it on the cardboard, because it could stain with the varnish.


Cactus picture
Cactus picture


Hope you liked it!

Here are some Pinterest ideas to inspire you in your crafts if you need it. If it is the first time you get here you can go through the tips section of how to paint stones there you will find notions of how to start this adventure that will hook you like us.

If you want or have any suggestions or doubts, you can leave it below, in the comments section, we will be happy to answer. Many thanks for visiting this blog!

A huge kiss and enjoy painting with PiedraCreativa

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