Cars painted on stones

Diy de piedras pintadas de coches

DIY with painted car stones

We have made a DIY very easy to make with painted stones. My little boy loves to play with cars and every time they give him a new game with him a few days. That’s why I painted some cars, some traffic signs, etc.

The materials for these DIY are:

  • Stones of triangular or elongated shapes
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Colored markers for stones
Markers for painting stones
Markers for painting stones

This is the step by step of how to perform this painted stone craftsmanship

1. Wash the stones

It is important that you wash the stones so that the paint grips better.

Stones for painting cars
Stones for painting cars

2. Paint the white stones with acrylic paint (Optional)

If the stones are dark it is preferable to paint them in white. This way you will make the drawings look better and the colors will highlight more.

3. Draw with pencil the cars

Draw the picture you want to draw with a pencil. If you want ideas, check out the ideas to paint in our Pinterest.

Stones drawn with pencil
Stones drawn with pencil

4. Coloring with special markers

It is best that the markers are for painting in stone, but you can also try permanent markers or acrylic paint. If you do not have it you can do it with nail polish.

Cars painted with markers
Cars painted with markers


5. Profile with black marker

Profiles the entire outline of the drawing with a thin marker pen. We have used a permanent type of No. 0.6.

Cars painted on stones
Cars painted on stones

6. Glue the stones

Stick the stones of the signs with hot silicone on top of other smaller stones. In this way the signals will remain standing.

Stick the stones
Stick the stones

7. Apply acrylic varnish

Use some varnish or glue to protect your car craftsmanship, and protect this precious DIY. If you want to know a little more about how to do it click on this link how to paint stones.

We show you a video of our DIY before starting our car race.


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