manualidad de tortuga pintada en piedras rojas

Painted turtle stone

How to paint a rock turtle? We show you the steps to follow to realize a beautiful rock turtle with only these materials: Materials for creating turtle on painted stones 6 stones White, yellow, orange and...

Manualidad del gato acechando al ratón

I tawt I taw a putty tat!

A cat and a mouse for your DIY with small painted rocks This image certainly says everything, is a very simple DIY with basic colors such as white and black. This time we used a black stone to give contrast, but it...

Animals painted in stone

In this category you can see examples of how to paint animals in stone in an easy and fun way.

Points to keep in mind for these DIY:
• The shape and size of the stones.
• The colors of the paintings.
• The complements we add to this DIY.

This DIY is one of the most favorite of the little ones of the house who will enjoy playing and making the animals they like.

Would you like to decorate your home with funny little animals? :)