Diy de piedras pintadas de coches

Cars painted on stones

DIY with painted car stones We have made a DIY very easy to make with painted stones. My little boy loves to play with cars and every time they give him a new game with him a few days. That’s why I painted some...

Manualidades estaciones en PiedraCreativa

DIY Four seasons rocks

Las 4 estaciones y sus elementos The new season of the year causes a climate change, the clothes we wear and the landscape that surrounds us. Therefore, I have created this manual of the four seasons, to explain to...

Domino con piedras pintadas en PiedraCreativa

How to paint rock domino

Domino in rock painting Do you like domino? Well, this is a fantastic opportunity to create a homemade domino in painted stones. A great and easy craftsmanship to do with children.   This simple craftsmanship is a...

Manualidades para peques de piedras pintadas

Painted Monster Rocks

Monsters painted in stones at home by the children In this post I show you these crafts that I have done with my precious children, the oldest of 11 years and the small of 5 years. Since I’m always preparing some...

Piedras pintadas en PiedraCreativa para Pacman

PacMan in rock painting

PacMan DIY with Painted Stones We have been inspired by the PacMan game to remember the old days and this popular video game. Everything can be done in PiedraCreativa, in this case as it is a game and we love to...

DIY and rock painting for kids

In this category you can enjoy cheerful ideas to share with the little ones of the house.

With this special type of DIY, the little ones will be able to occupy their free time in a fun and educational way. The realization of these DIY will provide the following benefits in them:

• Regulate the great energy that children have.
• They will increase the capacity of concentration in these tasks as in school tasks.
• They will grow their creativity in the best time indicated for it.
• Develop better motor skills.
• Choose the colors to use, the shape, etc. Will make them learn to make decisions for themselves.
• They will create stronger bonds of union and will foster personal relationships with loved ones with whom they share this fun time.

Enjoy these DIY!