Juego de tres en raya de PiedraCreativa

DIY Noughts & Crosses

DIY Noughts & Crosses This time we made the classic game “Noughts & Crosses”. A game and craftsmanship for children and adults. As you can see, the crafts and games is compatible...

Peppa Pig pintada en piedra c

With Peppa Pig

Children also make special DIY Today we show you how to make a fun Peppa Pig. It is good to make this DIY along with the children because it has great benefits besides spending a joyful time with them. For both children...

Manualidad de Olaf pintado en piedra

Olaf in rock painting

How to paint Olaf in stone? Today we are going to make DIY for children. In particular “Olaf“, the famous snowman of Frozen. A cheerful and good friend as the little children of the house. We need...

DIY and rock painting for kids

In this category you can enjoy cheerful ideas to share with the little ones of the house.

With this special type of DIY, the little ones will be able to occupy their free time in a fun and educational way. The realization of these DIY will provide the following benefits in them:

• Regulate the great energy that children have.
• They will increase the capacity of concentration in these tasks as in school tasks.
• They will grow their creativity in the best time indicated for it.
• Develop better motor skills.
• Choose the colors to use, the shape, etc. Will make them learn to make decisions for themselves.
• They will create stronger bonds of union and will foster personal relationships with loved ones with whom they share this fun time.

Enjoy these DIY!