Paso a paso de mandala de verano en PiedraCreativa

Summer Mandala

Mandala in stone with summer colors As we like mandalas so much, today we have made another DIY to continue practicing. This is inspired by the summer, with yellow, orange and red colors to express this season full of...

DIY Mandala galaxia PiedraCreativa

What is Cool Colors?

What are the cool colors? The cold colors are those related to blue, green and purple. These colors remind us of the cold sensation. Using different mixtures and intensity you get an infinite number of clean and elegant...

Yin Yang en piedra pintada

Yin Yang in rock painting

What is Yin and Yang? Male, female, dark, light, … the Yin Yang refers to this set of dualities in which they need each other. In this very interesting article of the Personal TAO blog you can know more details...

DIY mandala en piedra de la alegría de PiedraCreativa

Mandala of joy

Be happy with this mandala This mandala in painted stone is inspired by the summer holidays. After waiting for a year to enjoy the warmth, the beach, the swimming pool and those moments of relaxation, we have been...

Mandala de corazón sobre piedra pintada de PiedraCreativa

Put your heart

Put your heart in the stone I have done a mandala with heart. “Put your heart” is a gift for a dear friend. I hope you like it 💖 ! Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest...

Diy mandala pintado en piedra en blanco y negro

Only black and white

Black and white mandala With this black and white mandala you can see that with just two basic colors you can decorate any corner of your home. Materials To do this, this is what you need … Stone White acrylic...


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