Om Pendants

Collection of pendants, in some I have painted the stones and I have drawn the mantra om and in others I have inlaid Swarovski, then it is varnished to protect the stone.

Hamsa necklace

It is a necklace to which I have put the stone pendant varnished with matt varnish. A Swarovski and a small silver pendant with a hamsa hand has been added.


Mandala with a drawing that remembers the sunflower, full of color. Painted with hand-painted acrylics and varnished with ultra-gloss varnish.

Desert Rose

These mandalas are based on the precious stone called rose of the desert and as its name indicates, they are stones in the shape of roses. They are made with acrylic paints and the outline is made with gold...

Odin Pendant

I have found a stone of Odin. These stones give good luck, because of it, I have varnished it, I have embedded a Swarovski crystal in one of its holes and I have put a silver chain, I love this Odin Pendant!