Galletas en piedras pintadas de PiedraCreativa

Cookies in rock painting

Who likes a chocolate chip cookie? Children love them and are very easy and quick to make and joke with them.


To make these stone cookie you need:

  • 4 round rough stones
  • Acrylic paints brown and white
  • Brushes
  • Varnish

Steps to paint cookies on stones

paso a paso galletas en piedras pintadas piedracreativa 300x300 - Do you like cookies?
Steps to paint cookies on stones
  1. Wash the stones before painting.
  2. Paint two layers with acrylic paint mixing brown and white.
  3. With the back of the brush, make the chocolate nuggets with the brown paint.
  4. Apply two varnish hands to protect your DIY.

Ready! You already have some chocolate cookies to joke with friends and family.

diy galletas en piedras pintadas de piedracreativa 300x224 - Do you like cookies?
Cookies in rock painting PiedraCreativa

My kids love it, they offer one all day long 🙂


In this category you can find more DIY to do with children such as the monsters in rock painting.

You can take a look at pinterest to see other food ideas, such as fruits, vegetables and fast food that look great (We’ll soon show you a great idea with a DIY of food)

Enjoy with PiedraCreativa

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