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What are the cool colors?

The cold colors are those related to blue, green and purple. These colors remind us of the cold sensation. Using different mixtures and intensity you get an infinite number of clean and elegant colors.


We have made a mandala based on these colors. For this we have needed the following materials:

  • Stone
  • Brushes
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Cap or compass and ruler
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Punches and sticks
  • Black marker pen
  • Varnish
materiales mandala colores frios 300x224 - What is Cool Colors?
Materials for making mandala of cold colors

Step by step to make mandala with cold colors

diy paso a paso mandala colores frios 300x300 - What is Cool Colors?
Paso a paso mandala colores fríos

1. Wash the stone

Make sure the surface of the stone is clean and has no dirt, for them if necessary wash it.

2. Use acrylic paints and draw with a pencil a circle

Paint with acrylic paints mixing the colors. You can use different colors of blue, pink, purple and white.

Later he draws a circle with a pencil in the center of the stone. You can help from a stopper or compass to make that circle.

3. Paint the center circle with black color

Paint the circle with black acrylic Paint.

4. Use a ruler and a pencil to paint the lines

Make lines with the ruler crossing the center and making sure that it is centered.

5. With a fine brush paint the lines

With the same acrylic paint and with a brush of No. 0.0 paint the lines to make them wider.

6. Painting the points from the center

Find the center and start by first painting the white point. Then add points around different color with sticks and punches.

mandala de colores frios piedracreativa 300x224 - What is Cool Colors?
Cold Colors Mandala

This is the simplest part and I already love it ♥♥♥

Well let’s continue to further improve this craft:


paso a paso mandala azul y morado 300x300 - What is Cool Colors?
Step by step details mandala cold colors

7. Mandala without swirls

At this point we have already realized the main skeleton of our mandala.

8. Filling the gaps between lines

Paint in the center of each space between each line. To do this creates a white point with a toothpick and, around this, see increasing the size of the points with the previous colors. (They do not have to be the same).

9. Add swirls with fine punch

Continue adding white paint with the fine punch and see making a spiral shape as in the video:

10. Define with black marker and apply varnish

To finish the spirals use a marker to perfect the contours.

With all these steps and with your imagination, surely you get a spectacular mandala.

Do not forget to apply varnish to protect this cold mandala 🙂

mandala.piedracreativa galaxia  300x224 - What is Cool Colors?
Cold Colors Mandala

The mandala is ready! Did you like the use of cool colors?



You can find more DIY related mandalas in their corresponding section. Some are very pretty, like the heart or the Yin Yang.t

You can also learn more about the cool colors in this great article of TheSpruce.

You can leave your questions or suggestions in the comments section, a huge kiss and thank you for visiting us.

Enjoy with PiedraCreativa


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