DIY Four seasons rocks

Manualidades estaciones en PiedraCreativa

Las 4 estaciones y sus elementos

The new season of the year causes a climate change, the clothes we wear and the landscape that surrounds us.

Therefore, I have created this manual of the four seasons, to explain to children what happens in spring, or what happens when it is summer. This is the perfect game for when they ask … what are the seasons ?, this is the time to teach them playing.

With these crafts, you will have good times with your family and they will learn the changes that occur during each season of the year.


In the spring the flowers are born with all their colors and their great fragrances. Nature has a green color. The butterflies fly and there is more possibility to see all the colors of the rainbow.


In summer it is warmer, there is a holiday, the sun shines more, we bathe on the beach or the swimming pool and there is the best dessert in the world “the ice cream“.


Autumn is the time of year in brown, orange and yellow colors. The leaves of the trees fall. It rains and we eat nuts of this season.


In the winter comes the cold and the snow. We use the hat, the scarf, the boots and we make snowmen. 😉

Step by step how we made the game of the 4 seasons.

With all these characteristics of the 4 seasons we have created this simple game for the most children in the home.

Materials for painting stones:

  • 12 Stones
  • Pink, yellow, brown, green, blue, orange, purple
  • Black pen or permanent black pen
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Acrylic varnish
materiales para manualidad de las 4 estaciones 300x225 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Materials for the game the 4 seasons

Wash the stones

Wash the stones well to remove any remaining dirt and catch the paint better.

If the stones are dark, paint them with white acrylic paint or some light color. You will see better the drawings that you make later. If you need to know more I leave you this link of how to paint stones and tips to do it.

Draw with pencil

Draw the drawing you choose with a pencil, so it will be easier to Paint.

piedras dibujadas para manualidad 4 estaciones 300x225 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Stones drawn for 4 seasons game

Paint with markers

Draw with the labels the drawings you have made before. The best thing is that these markers are special for this type of crafts, we love the POSCA brand, but you can also try the permanent type.

piedras pintadas para las 4 estaciones 300x225 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Stones painted with markers of PiedraCreativa

Profile with color black

Profiles the drawing with the marker. In this way the result will be more profesional.

piedras pintadas perfiladas 4 estaciones 300x225 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Profiled Painted Play Stones 4 Seasons

A final and necessary touch … “the varnish”

To protect your crafts, use an acrylic varnish and apply a couple of layers to cover it well. Keep in mind that it is a game for the kids and they will play it a lot. If you do this craft with the children, the varnish should be one that does not smell much, so that they can apply it.

How do we make the 4 seasons board?

These are the materials we will need:

  • 5 cards or decorated paper
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Rule
  • Scissors
  • Lids or a compass
  • Glue for crafts
diy de las cuatro estaciones 300x225 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Cardboard materials for playing with stones


Step by step of the board

Once you have chosen the 5 cards or decorative paper, trim the base according to the size of the stones. We have used a cover because its size was perfect. You can also use a compass.


manualidad las cuatro estaciones 300x225 - DIY Four seasons rocks
How to make 4 seasons game with stones

Once you have the base of the board, look with the ruler the center by drawing 2 lines as I show you.

juego las cuatro estaciones 225x300 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Set of 4 seasons with painted stones

Then leave 2 cm at the edge, then measure from the center to the marked measurement (as in the photo), so you know the measurement you need to cut the pieces of cardboard of each season of the year.

juego para peques las 4 estaciones 300x224 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Preparing the board for the game


If you put all the cards together you can trim them all at once. You can hold them with a clip so they do not move.

When you have them all trimmed, stick them this way on the cardboard

paso a paso del tablero cuatro estaciones 300x300 - DIY Four seasons rocks
Step by step how to make the board

Write the name of each station in the space you choose and color it with personal details creating your own set of 4 seasons. And most important, enjoy.

diy 4 estaciones de piedracreativa 300x225 - DIY Four seasons rocks
DIY Four seasons rocks

The game is ready, now we play the game of the 4 seasons!

How do we play the 4 seasons of the year?

To play this game, we will mix all the stones outside the board so that the children can place the stones in each space of the corresponding season of the year. The idea is to enjoy playing and sharing good times. Sure you have a great time!

I show you some more games, like the game Noughts & Crosses or our domino of painted stones. You can also check out the section for the kids.

Enjoy with PiedraCreativa.


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