A special gift for the most important person … Mom!

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DIY Mothers day

On Mother’s Day, it is that important day of the year when each of us can thank to be in this world.
Although in some cases we do not have that special person with us, we always have the possibility to thank that we are here.

Usually, a mother is all heart. She tries to make us happy.

How can we thank our mother’s unconditional love?

The best way to thank our mother is to make her an original DIY with painted stones and give her. In this way we give her some of the love she has always given us.
I’m sure Mom will love it.

The materials we will need to make this DIY are:

  • A heart or base of Wood
  • Stones
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Black, white, pink, cream and lilac markers
  • Brush
  • Decorated paper
  • Wooden decorations
  • Stones of brilliants
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue
  • Tie
  • Varnish
Materials for mother's day
Materials for mother’s day
Stones painted with flowers
Stones painted with flowers

Step by step to make a heart for Mother’s Day

Place the heart on the cardboard to mark it with the pencil.

Cut it out and stick it in the wooden heart.

DIY - Cut and paste decorated paper
DIY – Cut and paste decorated paper

1. Paste the details

Glue the details of wood, these types of decorations are often used for Scrapbooking crafts. The ones I used are from Dayka and I bought them with the heart of wood and the star.

Mother's Day Craft
Mother’s Day Craft
DIY - Sticking wood details
DIY – Sticking wood details

2. Place the bow

Put the bow helping you with a punch and tweezers, it will be easier.

DIY - Putting the Bow
DIY – Putting the Bow

3. A touch of brightness

Glue shiny stones on the edge of the heart. These diamonds come with adhesive and in strips attached, it is very easy to place.

DIY - Glitter Stones
DIY – Glitter Stones

Profiling with the pen

When the wood details are glued, smoothly outline with the white marker to highlight.

Details with white marker
Details with white marker
Final result of craft decoration
Final result of craft decoration

4. Painting stones

Before painting the stones, wash them well so that the paint grips.

Simply draw the flowers and the phrase you want to write with the pencil.

Draw the stones with pencil
Draw the stones with pencil

5. Use markers

Paint the stones of the flowers with the same colors as the decorated paper. My recommendation is to first black profiles and then go filling with colored markers. At the end he paints with the white color and finishes painting with the black one again.

Flowers painted with white marker
Flowers painted with white marker


6. Profile the DIY

Profiles with a special black marker pen.

7. Apply varnish

For a better result, apply acrylic varnish or some type of glue that is used in Decoupage to protect the painted stones of your mother’s day craft and also give it a touch of brightness.

Painted varnished stones
Painted varnished stones

8. Glue the stones

Glue the stones with some special glue, we have used hot silicone. Be careful not to apply too much;)

Sticking the stones to the heart
Sticking the stones to the heart

9. This is the final result

The most important thing is the affection and dedication that you have apply in your manuality for the day of the mother.

DIY Mothers day
DIY Mothers day

We show you some ideas of crafts more of our category of love that maybe you can inspire to give, such as the tree of love, a Valentine’s Day Stone Hearts or Father’s Day crafts 🙂

A huge kiss and many congratulations on Mother’s Day to all the moms from PiedraCreativa


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