Dragonflies painted on stones

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How to paint dragonflies in stones?

First of all we combine the stones on the wood or canvas to be clear where we are going to place the dragonfly in this DIY.

How to paint dragonflies in stones
How to paint dragonflies in stones

The materials you will need to complete this manual are:

  • 4 elongated wings
  • Other small stones to make the body
  • Blue and white acrylic paints
  • Brushes
  • Fan brush for oil painting
  • Black, white, green and pink stone marker pens
  • A piece of wood to place the dragonfly
  • Sand the sander
  • Glue or gun with hot silicone
  • Acrylic varnish

Painting the dragonfly

The first thing is to wash the stones so that the paint grips well.

This time, we used a blue color. I love this color!

DIY - Painting the dragonfly
DIY – Painting the dragonfly

How to paint the wings?

Mix the blue and white acrylic paint to give a lighter shade and paint the stones on the wings of the dragonfly.

Apply two layers of paint, it is important that you let dry well between layer and layer, otherwise it will spoil you. It is better to have a little patience and wait for it to be dry.

Paint with white acrylic paint the end of the wings.


Painting the stones for the wings
Painting the stones for the wings

It also uses the dark blue color for the wings.

Detailing the stones for the wings
Detailing the stones for the wings

My advice is that you look at some photography on the internet to go creating the drawing of the shape of the wings.

I have used markers of different colors and thickness.

Body of the dragonfly


Paint the body with the same blue and white acrylic paint.
Then you can draw with green, blue and white markers, and end up profiling the details with black.
For the eyes of the dragonfly, it uses the same markers

Preparing the wood

Sand the wood very well, if you have a sander you will have a best job.


DIY - Sanding Wood
DIY – Sanding Wood

Night or galaxy effect

Pint of the same blue acrylic paint the bottom of the wood.

DIY - Background for dragonfly
DIY – Background for dragonfly

To paint the star or galaxy effect you need water, white acrylic paint, purple and pink.

DIY - Paints and brush for background
DIY – Paints and brush for background

Dilute the paint of each color with water to make the mixture.

Wood with painted sheet

Sheet painted on wood
Sheet painted on wood

For this DIY, paint a sheet with acrylic paint in light green in the center.

To finish make the details of the sheet, first with the dark green and then mixing with the white to clarify it. If you find it easier to use a marker.

Glue the dragonfly stones in the wood

DIY - glue stones painted on wood
DIY – glue stones painted on wood

So we have our dragonfly with a leaf background. As you can see, we have added some ladybugs.

Dragonflies painted on stones
Dragonflies painted on stones

You know, it’s all right here. Get your creativity and create everything you can think of (DIY of animals, pictures, …), you just want to enjoy learning tips and creating your own DIY.

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