DIY African Giraffe in rock painting

Jirafas pintadas en piedras

Magical african giraffe in painted stones

The giraffe is a magical animal in Africa, people say that having a totem of a giraffe is a sign of power.

There are many meanings of his neck and everything that tells us that this animal gives us as a totem.

Would you like to know more about what a totem is and its meaning? I show you this interesting link on the giraffe’s totem pole.

And now, if you want to make your own magic giraffe painted in stones … follow our step by step.

How to create the giraffe DIY with painted rocks?


To start doing these fun animals, you will need:

  • Stones
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Acrylic paints yellow, orange, brown, white, different greens
  • Brushes 
  • Water and paper
  • Red, gold, orange, white and black markers
  • Canvas, a piece of wood or pallet
  • Sander
  • Glue and hot gun
  • Toothpick
  • Acrylic varnish
materiales para jirafas piedracreativa 300x224 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Some materials for stone giraffes

Before you start painting the stones of each giraffe

  • Wash the stones very well so the paint will get better.
  • Choose the canvas where you are going to place the stones to know how your DIY will look
piedras para cuadro de jirafas 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Painted Giraffe Handicraft


Apply a couple of paint hands

Once you have it, paint all the stones with yellow acrylic Paint.

piedras pintadas jirafas 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Painting the Yellow Giraffe DIY

Remember to let dry very well between layer and layer.

Paint with the acrylic orange paint the spots of each African giraffe.

jirajas con piedras pintadas naranjas 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
DIY – Stones painted orange for these animals

Draw with pencil

Draw softly with the pencil all the details of each animal (stains, faces, ears, and horns).

For the part of the head of the giraffe

Use a light orange color, for example a yolk color. Mix the orange with yellow to do so and you will not have to buy that specific color.

jirafas en piedras dibujadas 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Drawing each giraffe in stone

For the mouth

Use a red marker to color the mouth.
To paint the nose use some strong orange paint or you can also use the red marker.

Remember that the markers should be special to make these types of crafts because if it will not spoil you and the result will be bad. It is good to have a good material and make a nice final result.

Profiles with marker

It profiles all the contours of the spots, the small details, the ears, the hair, the legs, etc.

I used a stick to make the horns of each giraffe and painted them yellow.

How to create the background of the painting?

I have painted a complex background, but you can create an easier one.

If you want to make it easy, you can make a background as we did in the article on how to paint flowers on stones (where we create clouds on the wood) or you can also choose to make a photo transfer with a photograph as we did in our article how to transfer Images to Wood.

For wood or canvas

Sanding the wood thoroughly and clean it when you finish with a damp cloth.

madera lijada 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Sanding wood for these crafts

Glue paper around to protect the edges.

madera con cinta carrocero 300x224 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Sticking paper for this DIY

Paint it with green color and wait for it to dry.

lienzo pintado verde 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Wood painted green for background

How to make grass?

Then paint the grass, brushing with the brush on the bottom.

Continue with several colors starting with different green colors.

The tree trunk

I did the trunk of the tree with a golden marker.

To apply gloss and a more natural effect, dilute some of the white paint in water and apply with a fine brush, do the same with the brown color.

lienzo arbol pintado 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
Canvas already painted for your craft in PiedraCreativa


My recommendation is that you try. Watch some YouTube video and enjoy.

The acrylic varnish

When the paint on the wood is dry, give it a coat of varnish to protect the Paint.

Put the stones

Put the painted stones dry and glue them with the glue. We have used hot glue or silicone but you can use others.

Final step

Apply varnish or decoupage glue to protect your precious and magical African animals. Sure if you try … you look great.

We already have prepared our funny African giraffes to walk happily through the Savannah.

manualidades jirafas 224x300 - DIY African Giraffe in rock painting
DIY African Giraffe in rock painting

These types of children’s crafts are ideal for decorating our children’s room.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment. Remember to give the stars to say if you liked.

If you like the DIY with animal, you can see the category “Animals” where you can find new and fun articles.


Enjoy with PiedraCreativa.


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