Halloween Monsters on Stones

DIY Monstruos de Halloween en piedras pintadas. PiedraCreativa

Planting monsters… Spookie!

Monsters grow! some monsters in stone have been planted in a pot and perhaps multiply! Hope they do not grow too much here on Halloween. Oooh! I’m scared!

manualidad halloween pinturas fluorescentes piedracreativa 300x300 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Pinturas fluorescentes en PiedraCreativa

Well, now I’m going to explain how to make our monsters …


Here’s what you need to do this craft:

  • Stones
  • A pot with soil or sand
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Brushes
  • Acrylic, fluorescent, color phosphorescent paints. (Below we link to make your own black light)
  • Water container
  • Paper napkins
  • Black and green marker pen
  • Black eva gum with brillantine
  • Scissors
  • Hot silicone or double sided tape
  • Acrylic varnish
materiales para manualidad halloween monstruos 300x224 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Materials for making Halloween monsters

Are you ready? (Remember to cover the table and put on old clothes)

Let’s go step by step

paso a paso maceta de halloween 300x300 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Step by step of the pot of Halloween
  1. Wash and dry the stones before painting.
  2. Paint with white acrylic paint, this way you will make the color more lively.
  3. Use bright green acrylic paints, white and pink, apply a couple of paint hands and let dry very well between each layer. On this occasion these paintings are fluorescent.
  4. Once the paint is dry, draw the sketch of the monsters on each stone with a soft pencil (to easily erase it if you make a mistake). Also paint the sketch in the pot before painting.
  5. Paint the eyes white or yellow for mummy and Frankenstein and black for ghost.
  6. Profile the eyes and all details with the black marker pen.
  7. Give a pair of acrylic varnish layers. We use the gloss spray varnish.

Paint the pot

manualidad de halloween en piedra pintadas 300x300 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Painted Stones Halloween Craft

Paint around the picture with black paint, and fill with orange the part of the pumpkin. Make the green of the top of the pumpkin. To do this, use a pair of markers of different shades of green. If you have a good pulse, you can also do it with a brush. Remember to give the finishing touch with green fluorescent paint.

Bats and spiders

After we made the monsters we want to continue, then we made a spider and a bat in stone with gum eva.

Cut the eva gum for the wings and legs and glue them to the stones with hot silicone. To do it with the kids, you can use better double-sided adhesive tape (once the varnish is dry).

momia en piedras pintadas y spider 300x300 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Spider and bat with stones

Ready! In a “plis plas” we have marked all terrifying craftsmanship.

monstruos en piedras pintadas con luz negra fosforescente fluorescente 300x200 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Stone monsters painted with black and fluorescent light
mostruos de halloween en piedras 300x225 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Halloween Monsters on Stones

We have also added, the worms the eye and the finger of the previous manuality we made.

manualidad halloween pinturas fluorescentes piedracreativa 300x300 - Halloween Monsters on Stones
Halloween monsters on stones

EXTRA: How to Make a Home Black Light


Do you want to give a more terrifying look to these Halloween monsters in stones? Soon we’ll leave the link here so you can see how you can make your own homemade black light. If you want to see other ideas, you can go through the children’s craft section, there you will find fun crafts.

This is all for now, we hope you like our proposal to decorate your house and put some fun and color wherever you want.

Happy Halloween, have fun a lot with PiedraCreativa! 😉

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