Happy Mother’s Day

Piedras pintadas con frases te quiero

Congratulations on Mother’s Day

This is a date on which we should not forget to congratulate all the mothers.

Surprises the woman who gave you life with a painted stone and a simple phrase for Mom.

piedra pintada felicitaciones dia de la madre 300x217 - Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother’s Day

Small details are great intentions full of love.

We want to do something simple: a craft with a phrase, flowers and hearts made by you.
These DIY can be made by anyone. It is also economical, fast and improvised, therefore great for those last minute moments.
You do not need to spend a lot, you just need some stones, some markers and joy.

The materials we have used are:

  • Stones smooth
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Felt pens
  • Varnish

1. The stones

To make this craft choose smooth stones, the beach are great. Wash the stones before you begin to Paint.

piedras para dibujar frase te quiero 300x224 - Happy Mother's Day
Stones to draw sentence I love you

2. Draw with a pencil

Draw the phrase or drawing you want to paint with a soft pencil to make it clearer what you want to do. It helps children a lot.

3. Markers

If possible use special markers to paint stones, or permanent type you may have some that you can use.

piedras pintadas frase te quiero i love you mum dia de la madre 300x224 - Happy Mother's Day
DIY sentence on painted mother’s day stones

4. The Varnish

If you have time, use an acrylic varnish. If you use the spray type it will dry faster and you will protect your DIY from mother’s day.

It is easy to make a mother happy!

piedras con frases dia de la madre con rotuladores 300x224 - Happy Mother's Day
DIY of stones with phrases on Mother’s Day

We show you some more ideas, like the pink heart with flowers for that special person or the tree of love.
Any questions do not hesitate to leave it in comments, we will try to solve it as soon as posible.

A huge kiss for all mothers from PiedraCreativa.

“Las madres son como pegamento. Incluso cuando no las ves, siguen sosteniendo a la familia”. Susan Gale.


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