Hearts on painted stones

Corazón en piedra rojo y blanco

Red hearts on stones

These beautiful stones painted with hearts are ideal to make a great gift.

These precious hearts in stones can become a very special gift for some occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, or why not, a great birthday gift to celebrate the love we feel for our loved ones.

Red and white

A red and white heart. They are colors of tradition, a symbol to represent love. The red of passion and the white of purity and light.

corazon bordado en piedra pintada 225x300 - Hearts on painted stones
Heart in painted stone

A great inspiration

These hearts are based in these two colors. Painted by hand with acrylic paints and brushes of different sizes to give that effect of embroidery.

Protected with varnish

Like all my works, they are well protected with a special varnish that can expose them both inside and outside the home.

Would you like to obtain them?

corazones bordados pintados en piedras 225x300 - Hearts on painted stones
Hearts of My Art Rock

If you wish to obtain them, you can contact me moryc@verizon.net or at my Etsy store.


Hugs and I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful hearts of My Art Rock


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My Art Rock

Painting is my passion. My meditation rocks. I love color, bright pastel tones. My pebbles and stones are all hand painted with with acrylics and inks. All custom made, freehand painted with love and passion. I choose pastel colors and each pebble/stone has unique, one at the time design. It is made with love, creation, imagination. The rocks are sealed on both sides. You can keep them outside as well. I Love to paint rocks, pebbles..Painting rocks become part of my sou :) Full of bright and “happy” colors. My rocks will make you smile. You can place them anywhere in your house, in your garden, on your table, or in your packet :) .They can make you smile :)
While mandalas have been in use for centuries, they’ve taken on many different forms and meanings, including the popular love mandala. It is fitting that a tool originally meant for contemplating and meditating on the divine would also be an excellent representation of the power of love between two people. Small little mandala can be a great momentum for wedding guests, birthday gift and any other occasion that is important.

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