How to paint rock domino

Domino con piedras pintadas en PiedraCreativa

Domino in rock painting

Do you like domino? Well, this is a fantastic opportunity to create a homemade domino in painted stones. A great and easy craftsmanship to do with children.

domino piedras pintadas 300x225 - How to paint rock domino
Domino of painted stones of PiedraCreativa


This simple craftsmanship is a classic in any home. If you have children it is possible that someone gave it to you. If not, why not make your own home domino?

The best thing about these children’s crafts is that, from the first moment you decide to do them, the fun begins. Start looking for stones on the beach, in the rivers, etc. It is already a game that children share with you. A special moment to enjoy with the family. In addition, during the search for your home domino stones, you will take advantage of the benefits of having your mind occupied.

Do not forget to respect the nature, not to take the stones of protected places nor to leave garbage or to spoil the nature.


Tips before starting

To begin to realize your domino of stones with the children remember to dress them with clothes that do not matter that they stain, covers the surface where you go to make the crafts with a plastic, paper or cardboard and you are ready for the fun.

Materials you will need to make a domino of painted stones

These are the materials:

manualidades pintar domino piedras 300x216 - How to paint rock domino
Materials for stone dominoes
  • 28 stones of small size and rounds
  • 7 markers of different colors and 1 black
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Acrylic white paint (optional)
  • Brushes
  • Container with water and paper
  • Acrylic varnish

Step by step of dominoes in stones

1. Wash the stones

Wash the stones well with soap. Use a brush if it is very dirty and removes any residue, so the paint will get better.

piedras pinceles pintura domino 300x225 - How to paint rock domino
Stones, paint and brushes for dominoes

2. Paint white stones (optional)

This step will depend on the color of the stones you choose. If you choose to paint the white stones with the brush, wait until the paint is dry before drawing or painting with the colors.

You can try with temperas but the truth is that acrylic paint is better for these handiwork and it dries faster and better.

The stones are more uniform and of the same tone if you give them that layer of white.

piedras para domino 300x225 - How to paint rock domino
Stones painted white for dominoes

3. Draw with a pencil

Then draw with the pencil the stones to create the sections (2 sections per stone) that will then be colored with a marker.

4. Stone domino crafts template

In this step you have to follow a logic to not be wrong in the colors that are needed. For this logic it is necessary to think that:

  • There are 7 domino game numbers (and there are 7 colors). The numbers are from “0” to the number “6”. Therefore they will be “white”, “1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5” and “6”. In our case we have created them like this, but you can not use number and use other symbols, names or drawings that you like.
  • There are double tiles, in which the color is repeated on both sides.

We show you a pattern of colors to follow in order to avoid errors. So it is easier and helps you in creating the game chips.


domino piedras pintadas plantilla 300x224 - How to paint rock domino
Template for stone domino

Place the stones in this way, it will be simpler and you will know what color you have to paint. Another good idea is to mark with the marker each stone of the corresponding color.
You know that the important thing is to have a good time and enjoy those great moments with the children of the family.

5. Paint with markers

Now we color with the markers, here the children enjoy more. The type of marker we have used is the POSCA brand (you can try with those you have at home) also the permanent type.

diy piedras domino sin numeros 300x225 - How to paint rock domino
DIY – Domino pieces painted with colors

6. Make numbers and profile

With the black marker you can profile and make the numbers, if you want you can make points like a die.

domino piedras pintadas piedracreativa 300x225 - How to paint rock domino
Domino of orderly painted stones

7. Apply varnish

To finish your work, apply a pair of layers of acrylic varnish.

And you already have your game of dominoes in stones ready! 🙂

domino con piedras pintadas 300x225 - How to paint rock domino
How to paint rock domino

We also show our video with the step by step so that you know as we have done in a more direct way.


You can see other crafts for kids like Peppa Pig, Olaf or our special Noughts & Crosses My children love these home games.

We hope you have enjoyed this great and simple domino with stones. For any suggestion or question do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.


A huge kiss and enjoy creating things together with your children and PiedraCreativa


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