PacMan in rock painting

Piedras pintadas en PiedraCreativa para Pacman

PacMan DIY with Painted Stones

We have been inspired by the PacMan game to remember the old days and this popular video game.

Everything can be done in PiedraCreativa, in this case as it is a game and we love to play, we show you this very simple craftsmanship to do with children.

How is the PacMan game?

If you do not know this video game I explain it to you. This game is from the 80’s. In this game, pacman (the yellow circle) tries to eat all the points of a maze before the ghosts eat it to him. There are bigger points in the corners and if Pacman eats them you can also eat the ghosts. That’s the game.

If you want to know more we leave you this good link with its history and information.

The names of the ghosts in Spanish are:

Chaser (Red), Fickle (Cyan), Ambusher (Pink) and Feigned Ignorance (Orange).

I love them ♥♥♥

manualidad en piedras pintadas pacman 300x225 - PacMan in rock painting
Painted pacman game stones craft

How do we do a PacMan in stones?

We have chosen some big stones so that the craft looks better but you can choose smaller ones so that the children can handle them better.

To play the PacMan game on stones you need:

Materials to use

  • A stone with a circle shape and 4 stones for ghosts
  • Acrylic paints yellow, black, white, red, blue and orange
  • A cap to make the circles
  • Brushes
  • Pencil and rubber
  • A piece of cardboard
  • Container with water and paper
  • Acrylic varnish
materiales para pacman de piedras 300x224 - PacMan in rock painting
PacMan in stone game craft materials

Step by Step

Here we show you the step by step of how we have done it.

1. Wash the stones

Start by washing the stones well to remove the dirt and get a better grip of the Paint.

2. Draw with a pencil

Draw with the pencil the ghosts and use a cap or coin to make the circle to the comecocos.

comecocos para juego de pacman en piedras 300x224 - PacMan in rock painting
Drawing the circle of the comecocos in stones

Use the cardboard to draw the mouth of the comecocos.

3. Paint the stones

If the stones are dark apply two layers of white paint.

piedras pintadas juego de pacman 300x224 - PacMan in rock painting
Painting the stones for PacMan

4. Color it

Paint each stone of the color you choose for each character. Apply all the paint you need until it looks the way you like it, but remember to wait for it to dry the paint between layer and layer, otherwise it will be damaged. One tip is to use a hair dryer to dry them faster.

pacman en piedras pintadas 300x225 - PacMan in rock painting
Stones painted for this DIY

When you finish painting them on one side (and they have already dried), do the same on the other side to make the blue ghosts and so you can eat the comecocos. 😉

5. Paint around black

Paint the edge of the stones in black.

piedras pintadas con fantasmas de pacman 300x169 - PacMan in rock painting
Crafts with ghosts painted in blues

6. Paint the small ball

En la piedra del pacman asegúrate de dibujar el círculo pequeño en la cara de la piedra correspondiente.

7. How to make eyes

In the video we show you several ways to do them, with a marker, with paint and brush or with the back of the brush, that we leave to your choice.

8. Use acrylic varnish

To finish apply a pair of acrylic varnish hands to protect your DIY.


And this is the final result. Do you like it?

juego de pacman sobre piedras pintadas 300x225 - PacMan in rock painting
PacMan in rock painting

We also show our video with the step by step so that you know as we have done in a more direct way.


We hope you liked this ideat, you can enjoy it with the little kids at home.
If you want to see some more ideas, you can visit the Kids category.

Enjoy creating with PiedraCreativa


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