Tree painted in stone with pointillism

Puntillismo sobre piedra

Pointillism craft with the centenary tree

Here are the materials and steps for doing this DIY:

Materials for painting stone with pointillism

  • Smooth stone
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Brushes nº 0 and nº 4
  • Acrylic paints green, blue, yellow, black, white, gold, Brown
  • Markers: fine black (for profiling), white, red, gold, yellow and orange
  • Sticks, punches, toothpicks
  • Varnish

Step by Step

Before starting to make crafts with stones is important to keep in mind:

Wash the stones

Wash the stone to remove the dirt and the paint will get better.

Wash the stone
Wash the stone

Paint white

Paint a circle with white acrylic paint, so that when painting the tree it will look more alive.

Paint the white stone
Paint the white Stone

White painted stone with circle
White painted stone with circle

Draw with pencil

Gently draw the tree with the pencil.

Tree diy with pointillism
Tree diy with pointillism

Profiling with marker

Profiles the entire outline of the drawing with a fine black marker.

Tree drawn with pen
Tree drawn with pen

Painting with acrylic paint

Paint with the acrylic paint of colors all the tree to later go filling with the points

Painting with acrylic paint
Painting with acrylic paint

Apply paint with chopsticks, punches … “Pointillism technique”

When the base has dried, take some paint and dilute it with a few drops of water until the paint is more fluid.

Apply the paint with different sizes of sticks or punches. You can also use felt-tip pens but you better use them for the smaller details.

Points with markers
Points with markers
Pointillism on stones
Pointillism on stones

Do the same with the circle outside the tree and enjoy experimenting.

Give luminosity

With the white marker you see small points, as if the light reflected and crossed the tree.

Varnish for the final result

As we always say, it is very important that you protect the craft with acrylic varnish so that it does not get damaged.

If you want more inspiration (and tips for this type of crafts) look at our mandalas painted in stone. You can also see the post of how to paint stones with nail polish.

Soon we will put on the blog the video of Instagram and the step by step of the crafts with stones for children. Do not miss it! 😉

 Enjoy with PiedraCreativa


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