Piedra pintada con rotulador azul

Easy flower in rock painting

We have created an easy craftsmanship to perform with few materials. You do not need to know how to draw very well, this type of DIY is ideal for doing with children.


The materials we used to make this flower are:

  • Stone
  • White acrylic Paint
  • Brushes
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Blue marker pen
  • Glitter glue (optional)
  • Varnish

Prepare the materials, protect the surface and start enjoying your creativity.

Steps to paint a flower with blue marker


paso a paso piedras pintadas flor azul con rotulador piedracreativa 300x300 - Single color flower
Step by step painting with marker

1. Wash the stones

Wash the stones before you begin to paint so that the paint is fixed better.

2. Painting with white paint

Paint with acrylic white paint if the stone is dark so the drawing looks better. Apply a couple of layers and let dry very well between each layer.

3. Draw with pencil

Draw the drawing with a pencil of soft mine so that the drawing is not much noticeable.

4. Review with blue marker

Profile the drawing with a blue marker twice, allowing it to dry before repainting.

If we are wrong … How could we fix the defects?

If we use a white background we can easily fix the errors. We can also use acrylic paint but this paint needs more time to dry.

5. Apply gloss with glitter (optional)

We use glue or glue with glitter. If you do not have glue, you can use a glossy marker pen.

6. Apply varnish

Protect your stone crafts with varnish.

decoracion piedras pintadas con rotulador azul 224x300 - Single color flower
Decoration of painted stones with blue marker

You already have a simple craftsmanship to decorate your home!

We hope you liked it and try some ideas that we show you in pinterest to relax and enjoy with this art.

If you prefer something special to do with your children, we propose the craft of monsters that my children loved, we also leave some ideas that you can find in the children’s craft section.

A huge kiss and enjoy painting with PiedraCreativa



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