Step by step: Tiger on Stone

IMG 20180125 202927 740x671 - Step by step: Tiger on Stone

How to paint a Tiger on Stone

Hello to everyone!

Today I bring you something more realistic with these steps to paint a Tiger on Stone.


For this DIY I chose a large stone with one of its sides flat.

Then I washed it with soap and water, waited for it to dry well, helping me with a rag to remove the moisture at the beginning.

The materials I use are Giotto’s special markers, as usual. And also, on this occasion, I used a pencil to make the sketch on the stone before starting to color.

Step by Step

We make the sketch with pencil

Tigre en Piedra
Sketch of Tiger painted in stone


Then we applied the color.

The colors chosen have been: white, black, orange and yellow.

First, we choose the white as a base and then apply orange.

Tigre en Piedra
Painting the tiger on stone
Paso a paso para pintar el tigre
Step by step to paint the tiger

Then we continue with the black to mark the stripes of the fur.

IMG 20180125 202751 300x256 - Step by step: Tiger on Stone

We continue with the yellow to give color to the eyes and give light to the skin.

Tigre en PiedraCreativa
Tiger in PiedraCreativa

At the end, after mixing and trying to look pretty, it looks like this:

Paso a paso de Tigre en Piedra
Step by step of Tiger in Stone
Tigre en Piedra realizado por ICalleIlustracion
Tiger in Stone made by ICalleIlustracion
Paso a paso: Tigre en Piedra
Step by step: Tiger in Stone

I hope you liked the result of this beautiful and ferocious animal and we encourage you to make your own creations.

Until next time and a hug of IcalleIlustration and PiedraCreativa! 😉

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