Paso a paso de mandala de verano en PiedraCreativa

Mandala in stone with summer colors

As we like mandalas so much, today we have made another DIY to continue practicing. This is inspired by the summer, with yellow, orange and red colors to express this season full of light, warmth and joy.


To do this mandala in summer stone, you will need these materials.

  • 1 stone
  • Brushes
  • Acrylic paints yellow, orange, red and White
  • Sticks and punches
  • Varnish

Once you have prepared your materials, remember to protect the surface where you are going to make this DIY before you start, putting some paper or plastic on that surface. Prepare a container with water and paper napkins for your paint brushes and utensils. Now, you can start!

How to paint this cheerful mandala?

To create this summer mandala, these are the steps to follow:

Wash the stone

It is recommended to clean the stone before painting. Wash the stone very well and let it dry before painting.

materiales piedras pintadas de mandala de verano 300x223 - Summer Mandala
Paintings for summer mandala

Painting with acrylic paints

If the stone is dark, start painting it with white paint, especially in the center. Continue painting with the lighter paint in the center, use yellow mixed with white (to clarify).

Without waiting to dry, add the darker shades around. First use the orange, mixed with a little yellow, and then continue with the red mixing all the colors. (I recommend, you clean the brush from time to time, so that the light color does not end up becoming dark.;)

Apply two layers of paint

No te preocupes demasiado en perfeccionar la primera capa de pintura ya que después volverás a pintar encima. Una vez se haya secado la primera capa de pintura, vuelve a hacer lo mismo con la segunda mano, pero esta vez será el resultado final del fondo de tu mandala del verano. Experimenta y deja que el pincel te guíe, verás que bonito queda.

Paint with sticks and punch

When the bottom of your summer mandala has dried, begin by blending yellow with white until you get a lighter shade. Paint a circle in the center or in the place of your choice. Then, with the same tone, paint more points with a smaller stick or punch.

paso a paso de mandala sobre piedra de verano en piedracreativa 300x300 - Summer Mandala
Step by step of summer mandala in PiedraCreativa

Protects with varnish

Remember to protect with varnish your painted stone crafts and apply a couple of layers.

Ok! Here is the new mandala for the collection!

cuadro de manualidad mandala de verano 300x224 - Summer Mandala
DIY Summer mandala with picture


Apart we show you a second variant of this summer mandala that we made on the other side of the Stone.

mandalas en piedras pintadas de verano piedracreativa 300x300 - Summer Mandala
Summer Mandala

Did you like these DIY? You can find more ideas in the section Mandalas (with examples such as heart or flower) and in the link of the great blog Woojr in which you can also find another way to make summer mandalas ideal for coloring with children.

We hope you liked it, you know Share is to live! And if you liked it … share it with your loved ones. A big kiss ♥♥♥.

For any doubt, suggestion or question, you can do it from comments. Thank you very much!

Enjoy with us and PiedraCreativa


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