Swirl of imagination

Diy remolino de imaginación en piedras pintadas

Abstract stone – swirl of imagination

Life is a whirlwind because we never know which are the best decisions and which is our way.

This is the story of this stone, with the touch of brilliance that brings the gold and silver, combined with a turquoise blue that gives us joy as the blue sky on a sunny day.

Materials needed:

  • 1 smooth stone
  • Brushes
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Acrylic paints: white, bronze, silver, gold and turquoise
  • Black marker pen
  • Acrylic varnish
Paints and brushes for crafts
Paints and brushes for crafts

Steps to make this DIY


Step by step of a whirlwind of imagination
Step by step of a whirlwind of imagination

Wash the stone

Before starting to paint as on any surface we must make sure the surface is clean.

Choose preferably a smooth stone, in this case I chose a slightly porous one and the truth is that it is noticed in the result (the drawing is not defined)

Washed stone
Washed stone

We have painted the white stone to better highlight the colors that we have applied.

Stone painted with white paint
Stone painted with white paint

Draw the stone

Draw with the pencil, if you want more ideas you can look at Pinterest.

DIY stone drawn for painting
DIY stone drawn for painting

Profiles with markers

You can profile before painting with the paint or you can do it later, I prefer to do it sooner. Use a special or permanent marker pen.

Profiled stone with markers
Profiled stone with markers

Painting with acrylic paints

It uses good quality in the paintings, it is preferable to invest a little because, the truth, it is worth it and then you get good results.

If you want to know what materials you can use, we leave you this link tips for painting stones

DIY stone painted with acrylic paints
DIY stone painted with acrylic paints


To have a good result, profile again with the marker. Give him some details to give depth and make it more colorful.

DIY - a swirl of imagined profiling
DIY – a swirl of imagined profiling

If you are wrong there is no problem, wait for it to dry and repaint the same color and repeat the profiling.

Special points

To highlight we have made some points around the drawings, some in white and others in gold, you can use a fine brush, a punch or markers.

Abstract stone with varnish
Abstract stone with varnish

Final result

Apply varnish to all your painted stone DIY, it is important that you protect them so that they will last and you can clean them without the paint getting up and spoiling.

Stone painted with dots
Stone painted with dots

We hope you have enjoyed this abstract stone with the swirl of imagination and encourage you to do something similar but with your imagination.

If you like Mandalas you can also get inspired and know their benefits and the meaning of mandalas or some examples like the mandala flower

A huge kiss and enjoy painting with PiedraCreativa 


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