Tree painted rock to remember

DIY Cuadro con piedras pintadas de nombres para profe Ana

A special tree to remember

Trees with painted stones are great DIY to give to that special person who has helped a large group. In this particular case, what better than giving it to a great teacher who has done so much for our children?

Thanks a lot Teacher Ana!!

Materials to do this DIY

  • Stones
  • Pieces of wood
  • Acrylic paints green, yellow, orange or red.
  • Brushes
  • Pencil and rubber
  • Special green, gold and black markers
  • Hot glue or silicone
  • Varnish
  • Sheet or cardboard
  • Frame of a painting

Step by step to make the tree to remember

To begin this manuality you will need as many stones as children are in the school and some more for the floor of the tree.

Make a composition to see how it could be.

Fisrt example:

Composition of stones for DIY in PiedraCreativa
Composition of stones for DIY

Second example:

Tree with names in pencil
Tree with names in pencil

Wash the stones

Wash the stones so that the paint is well fixed.

Painting with acrylic paint

Paint the leaves’ green stones giving them a pair of paint hands. Wait for them to dry well between each layer.

When it has dried, put green paint a lighter shade, if you want you can use white to brighten.

Stones painted green
Stones painted green

Paint with special markers

To imitate the leaves, we have used 3 different colors, 2 green and the golden color:

Painted with golden marker
Painted with golden marker
Drawing the sheet with markers
Drawing the sheet with markers
Sheets painted with markers
Sheets painted with markers

How to paint the center stone

To paint the center stone begins by applying the yellow and continuous tone to the red, to end with the green by the edge.

Tree painted with yellow center
Tree painted with yellow center

Write the names with a pencil

Use a soft pencil and write softly the names on the stones. When you have them all, review the names with a black marker.

Stone painted tree
Stone painted tree

Important to keep in mind

I recommend that you gradually adapt the stones with the names. Go forming the tree to see the composition of how it is left, do it before you paint the names with the marker, so you can erase and change the address of the names if you need it, that will depend on where you place the sheets.

Glue the stones

Use a flexible glue, and glue the stones on the card or sheet, starting from the bottom up. When you reach the part of the leaves, glue the central Stone.

DIY Piedras pintadas para cuadro de profe con nombres
Use a glue

Use varnish

Then apply the varnish carefully very gently trying not to stain the sheet.

Waiting for dry it
Waiting for dry it

Frame your tree of names to remember

All you have to do is put a nice frame and finish your work. We have used one from IKEA which are quite affordable and simple.

Tree painted rock
Tree painted rock

This is the final result.

Picture for Ana
Picture for Ana

If you want to see other special gifts, we leave you the video of how we made a ring of painted stones, the heart for a great friend, the value of the family, …

A big kiss and you know…

Enjoy painting with PiedraCreativa


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