What is a Mandala?

Mandalas que son y su significado

Mandalas: What are they and what is the meaning?

Mandala is a term in Sanskrit that represents an artistic form with multiple meanings and interpretations such as religion, spirit, healing, energy center, meditation, harmony.

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What are the mandalas

Mandalas and their origin:

The origin of the mandala is India and its name means wheel or circle, reason why it is represented mainly with circular or oval forms, although also they are realized with other type of geometric figures that look for the harmony around central point.

About the Western origin, was the psychologist Car Gustave Jüng one of the first people to introduce the creation of mandalas as a technique to help in relaxation, depression and stress disorders.

Mandalas and their interpretations:

Mandalas are known for their attractive and colorful colors. Most people who realize them do not know that these crafts (depending on the drawing done, the shape and the color) have a great meaning and show their mood.

There are different interpretations according to the people who perform the mandala, for example:

In Buddhism:

It is linked to spiritual meditation, showing the person’s experiences at the moment he realizes it. Most mandalas are usually created in sand or cloth and their colors have great meanings.

In the spiritual:

The mandala connects with the spiritual, the divine and the soul through the forms and the colors.

In sacred geometry and nature:

Mandalas are very present in our lives. If we think about it we can see that there are many elements in our life that follow an intelligent ordering in its composition. Examples of these are snowflakes, flowers, spiral galaxies, hives, geometric figures (circle, spiral, cube, tetrahedron, …) or those that appear in fruits like a pomegranate, a kiwi, …

The drawings are interpreted as a main energy center from which different slopes arise that establish a balance in our body and mind. A main point from which endless possibilities can come out through their forms and their colors.

In Arts and Craft:

It is used as an attractive decoration based on shapes and colors. Painting and coloring mandalas is a process that invites you to think, reassure and have fun.

The art of drawing mandalas or coloring them is not only a specific activity for children, this activity is also performed by adults.

In psychology:

It is used as an anti-stress relaxation therapy and as a method of reading the person’s mood. A mandala shows a lot of information about ourselves, in the section “Mandalas and their meanings” you can find more details of these meanings through their forms and their colors.

Remember that to perform the mandalas there are no rules or restrictions, it is best that the mind shows what you want.

In the zodiac:

Browsing the internet we have seen the interesting web “serpentmandalas“. In it you can find a series of correspondences between the mandalas and the 12 symbols of the zodiac. We invite you to access this good article.

Mandalas and their meanings:

Creating or drawing mandalas is an excellent therapy that is becoming more widespread every day. Its mode of creation will show different meanings depending on its shapes and colors.

Meaning of forms in mandalas:

Depending on the shape of the mandala (circle, spiral, …) the status of the person is shown as follows:

  • Circle: reflects security, but at the same time remoteness.
  • Square: balance and harmony.
  • Triangle: life, changes and transformations.
  • Heart: love and happiness.
  • Spiral: energies and health.
  • Labyrinth: confusion, thought and stability.
  • Star: Spirit, soul and free.
mandalas significados 300x225 - What is a Mandala?
Meaning of mandalas


Meaning of colors in mandalas:

The colors and shapes show the mood states as follows:

  • White: pure, light, perfection.
  • Black: related to death, sadness, fear and worry.
  • Gray: neutral, stability and intelligence.
  • Green: nature, hope, life and freedom.
  • Blue: tranquility, harmony, joy.
  • Red: blood and vitality, energy, passion and love.
  • Orange: reflects energy, movement and courage.
  • Yellow: the day, the light and the sun.
  • Rosa: patience, altruism, sweetness.
  • Purple: wisdom, ideals and affection.
  • Violet: the magical and spiritual.
  • Silver: the feminine the emotions, the sensitive aspects and the mind.
  • Gold: wealth, divinity, luxury, wisdom.

Here are some examples of stone mandalas made by us:

mandalas de colores 300x225 - What is a Mandala?
Mandalas colored in Stone
mandala sobre piedra 300x225 - What is a Mandala?
Mandalas colored in Stone
mandala para colorear 300x225 - What is a Mandala?
What is a Mandala
mandala en piedra pintada 300x225 - What is a Mandala?
Rock painting mandala
mandalas para pintar en piedra 300x225 - What is a Mandala?
Mandalas for painting in Stone

How to choose a mood for you with a mandala?

We can incite specific moods in ourselves by creating a mandala by choosing from the first colors to apply according to their meaning. Here are some examples:

  • If we want to reassure ourselves we use the blues in our mandala, this will generate a state of mental balance.
  • Creating mandalas with mostly green colors will help us heal our body and mind.
  • A mandala created with most red and orange colors will activate and give us energy.
  • Using the yellow color abundantly will invite us to think and reflect on ourselves.
  • Use the violet color on your mandala to promote change and protection against negative energies.

Mandalas and their benefits:

The creation of mandalas has special benefits. We show you these benefits:

Physical Benefits of Mandala

  • We are happier because we increase the serotonin in our body.
  • Relax our muscles.
  • It helps to improve our immune system.
  • It helps us regulate our breathing rate, which increases our physical vitality.
  • Improves blood flow.
  • Regulates our blood pressure.

Spiritual Benefits of the Mandala

  • It creates a balance between our spirit, body and mind.
  • It increases our imaginative and spiritual creativity.

Psychological Benefits of Mandala

  • Relax our mind by reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Reduces sadness and depression.
  • It increases our self confidence and strengthens self-esteem.
  • It helps us express ourselves more easily.
  • It improves the capacity of concentration and attention.

We hope you have enjoyed this little introduction to mandalas and that you can inspire, increase your peace and well-being with these special elements.

mandalas que son y significado 300x225 - What is a Mandala?
Mandalas – What are they and what is the meaning?


Remember that if you want to make a difference in your manual work do not forget to see the main tips for it.

We show you more examples of this type of artwork in sections like “Mandalas” or examples like “Put your hearth“, “Mandala of joy“.

Enjoy with PiedraCreativa.

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