IMG 20180427 164258 285x300 - Desert Rose

Desert Rose

These mandalas are based on the precious stone called rose of the desert and as its name indicates, they are stones in the shape of roses. They are made with acrylic paints and the outline is made with gold-plated...

IMG 20171101 125446 183 285x300 - Painting mandalas

Painting mandalas

Relax and decorate On this occasion I have chosen to make mandalas for two reasons: The first because it is very relaxing. The second reason is because it is a perfect idea to decorate pots, the garden or the terrace...

kamienie333 285x300 - My Color World

My Color World

Painting is my passion! I love color, bright pastel tones. My pebbles and stones are all hand painted with acrylics and inks. All custom made, freehand painted with love and passion. I choose pastel colors and each...


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