Top 10 tips for painting stones with kids

How to paint stones with children? As we know, when we want to do some activity with the kids, we must have everything prepared before we start because they do not want to wait. So, without further delay, we...

Publish your art with stones

Ready to show your stones? The great moment has arrived! At last you can publish your precious painted stones. You can create your own web section, also showing your social networks, etc. Remember that all...

How to paint stones with nail polish

Painting stones with nail polish Today we show you a new way to decorate and paint stones. This DIY is simple but requires a speed and agility to do it. You will only need to try and enjoy painting stones with...

Painted Rock Cactus

How to create cactus with rocks? We show you how to decorate your home with cactus made with stones Tips for doing this DIY To do this DIY choose long and slightly rounded stones, so we will simulate cactus...

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IMG 20180427 164258 285x300 - Desert Rose

Desert Rose

These mandalas are based on the precious stone called rose of the desert and as its name indicates, they are stones in the shape of roses. They are made with acrylic paints and the outline is made with gold-plated...

IMG 20180423 165639 285x300 - Odin Pendant

Odin Pendant

I have found a stone of Odin. These stones give good luck, because of it, I have varnished it, I have embedded a Swarovski crystal in one of its holes and I have put a silver chain, I love this Odin Pendant!