Painting a heart of stone

Painting heart of stone

How to paint a heart of stone?

Love is wonderful! I have made these cats painted in stone and wrapped in a big heart

Materials to create this DIY

  • A triangular stone.
  • Pencil and rubber.
  • Fine brush.
  • White, red and black acrylic paint.
  • A container with water.
  • Paper napkins.
  • Stone varnish (optional).

Steps to make the heart on Stone

  •  Wash the stone and paint it with acrylic white paint.
White stone for DIY heart
White stone for DIY heart
  • Wait until the paint is dry.
  • When the paint is dry, draw the outline of the cats along with their tail and paint the color black.
Draw the outline of the cats
Draw the outline of the cats
  • Wait for the paint to dry again.
  • Paint the stone by filling the center of red to make the heart.
  • Paint the whiskers of cats.
  • Use the acrylic varnish to protect the DIY.
Painted stone of cats in love
Painted stone of cats in love


This DIY is very easy and it’s ready to give the gift to a special person. 🙂

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Love is friendship set on fire



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