DIY Cuadro con piedras pintadas de nombres para profe Ana

Tree painted rock to remember

A special tree to remember Trees with painted stones are great DIY to give to that special person who has helped a large group. In this particular case, what better than giving it to a great teacher who has done so much...

Piedra pintada de joya

Rings with painted stones

How to make these ring with painted stones? Materials to use: 1 small smooth Stone Pencil and rubber Brushes A ring base Acrylic paintings Punches and manicure sticks Hot glue or silicone Varnish   With the video...

Mandala de corazón sobre piedra pintada de PiedraCreativa

Put your heart

Put your heart in the stone I have done a mandala with heart. “Put your heart” is a gift for a dear friend. I hope you like it 💖 ! Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is...

Piedras pintadas con frases te quiero

Happy Mother’s Day

Congratulations on Mother’s Day This is a date on which we should not forget to congratulate all the mothers. Surprises the woman who gave you life with a painted stone and a simple phrase for Mom. Small details...

Manualidad de cuadro par regalo del valor de la familia

Family values

The family… Is there anything more important? This DIY in stone was made to show how important the family union is. A beautiful and personalized composition to make a precious gift.   Family is not about...

Corazones pintados en piedra para San Valentín

Happy san valentine’s day

A small detail with DIY for Valentine’s Day With this simple manuality we show you how easy and inexpensive it is to show a little bit of love to a special person. We wish you a very happy day! Discover the artist...

Piedra pintada barnizada árbol del amor

Tree of love in stone painted

How to Paint the tree of love? Seeing grow love is like seeing a tree grow, in time if you take care, the tree will grow. Materials for this DIY A medium sized stone Pencil and rubber Glass of water Paper Acrylic paints...

Pájaros pintados en piedra para San Valentín

Rock painting with Birds in love

How to paint a couple of birds in love? This DIY is ideal to reflect that feeling of love that moves your heart. In a very short time you will be able to make a fantastic gift, unique and low cost.  “Life”...

Painting heart of stone

Painting a heart of stone

How to paint a heart of stone? Love is wonderful! I have made these cats painted in stone and wrapped in a big heart Materials to create this DIY A triangular stone. Pencil and rubber. Fine brush. White, red and black...

DIY with love

In this category you will find love painted in stone that can help you if you want to do DIY for someone special.

For these types of crafts it is good to keep these points in mind:

• Stones of different sizes and paints of different types (acrylic, watercolor, varnishes) can be used as raw materials.
• Different combinations of drawings, shapes and colors will make our work more striking.
• They are manual and personalized DIY ideal for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, couples anniversaries, etc.
• They will also be perfect gifts for birthdays, mother’s day or father’s day, in order to make a nice DIY detail.

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