Patos pintados en piedras por PiedraCreativa

Ducks in rock painting

Water ducks in rock painting Hello! Today we show you a family of ducks painted in stones. At this time, these ducks remind us of the time of change. Back to the routine. These painted stones show the duck mom taking care of all her ducklings...

Cuadro decorativo cangrejo con piedras pintadas. PiedraCreativa

Crab in rock painting

Picture with crab in rock painting I have thought to make this craft of the red beach crab with vivid colors along with some fish and a starfish. To complete this precious craft in painted stones, we have placed them on a piece of wood creating a...

Cuadro de pájaros en piedras-PiedraCreativa

Pictures with decorative stones

Pictures with decorative stones Today we made a simple and quickly DIY with a lot of style: a picture of birds in stones. This is an image that we usually see and that I like very much. On this occasion they are stones easy to find and I assure you...

DIY Cuadro de cerdos pintados en piedras de PiedraCreativa

Cute pigs painted rocks

Pigs in painting rocks On this occasion we have created some nice pigs with stones. These are the materials you need to create cute pigs. Materials Stones Brushes Punches or sticks Pencil and rubber Acrylic paints pink, purple, black and white...

DIY Cuadro con piedras pintadas de nombres para profe Ana

Tree painted rock to remember

A special tree to remember Trees with painted stones are great DIY to give to that special person who has helped a large group. In this particular case, what better than giving it to a great teacher who has done so much for our children? Thanks a...

Jirafas pintadas en piedras

DIY African Giraffe in rock painting

Magical african giraffe in painted stones The giraffe is a magical animal in Africa, people say that having a totem of a giraffe is a sign of power. There are many meanings of his neck and everything that tells us that this animal gives us as a...

Libélulas pintadas en piedras de PiedraCreativa

Dragonflies painted on stones

How to paint dragonflies in stones? First of all we combine the stones on the wood or canvas to be clear where we are going to place the dragonfly in this DIY. The materials you will need to complete this manual are: 4 elongated wings Other small...

Como pintar flores con piedras

How to paint flowers in stones

DIY flowers in rock painting Spring has come and so these DIY to create our flowers with stones. I love the joy of nature! With these crafts we will teach you how to paint flowers in stones. This DIY is an easy way to decorate our home or garden. To...

Cuadro de conejitos de piedra y foto transferida

How to transfer photo on wood?

Transfer photo on Wood? Knowing how to transfer images to wood gives us a wide range of possibilities for our crafts. With this technique, you can realize original arts & crafts based on photographs that remind us of special occasions that we...

Manualidad del día del padre en PiedraCreativa

A father…

A father … a treasure! This Father’s Day craft done by painting stones shows the union between the father and his children. This type of DIY is ideal for those special days like your birthday, father’s day or any important date for...

DIY pictures

Here you will find paintings with stones decorated in an original and creative way. For this type of DIY it is recommended:

  • Use nice picture frames .
  • Accompany with a good background of paper, cardboard or other similar items.
  • Combine colors while maintaining a good harmony.
  • Add special details with other types of materials such as:
    • Different types of paper.
    • Elements that can be found in nature such as leaves, small branches, flowers, shells, sand, etc.
    • Painting of different kinds (acrylic, with glitter, varnishes, …)
  • And, of course, the main material: painted stones, varnished stones, glued together, …

With this type of DIY you can create a touch of distinction to your home that will make it more personalized and special.

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