Create your own Zoo with rock painting

Búhos pintados en piedra en cuadro

How to paint your own Zoo with rocks painting

There is nothing more fun than creating your collection of animals and being the Noah of the 21st century. Would you be able to do it?

We have started painting owls on stone for create our own zoo, but you can also create other animals like African giraffes, dragonflies, and others you can find in the category of animals.

Materials used for this DIY

  • Acrylic painting for crafts.
  • Special markers for stone or ceramics.
  • Brushes.
  • Water container.
  • Paper napkins.

Steps to create the owls

  • First, we have used stones with owl silhouettes.
  • It is important to wash the stone and wait until it is dry.
  • We have chosen yellow, green, orange and red shades for the big owl, we have also used black and white marker pen.
  • For the small owl we have used blue, gold, green, white and red, in addition to the same black and white markers.
  • We recommend giving two layers of paint so, if you choose this option, you should also wait for it to dry between layer and layer. That way you can draw better on the stone later.
  • Then draw the owl with a pencil before using Paint.
  • To create the details and outline you can use the special stone marker.
  • Apply a layer of varnish for stone, thus you will get a better result.

This is DIY created:

buhos en piedra 300x200 - Create your own Zoo with rock painting
Zoo with rock painting

Another nice idea is to create a picture with a piece wood, gluing the owls over it .

cuadro buhos piedra 300x200 - Create your own Zoo with rock painting
Painting owls on Stone

Owls give us luck, so paint owls on stone and create your own zoo of luck with PiedraCreativa.

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