Stones painted with fluorescent paints of halloween

Fluorescent paint for stones

Stones painted with fluorescent paint Today we want to show a quick, easy and eye-catching DIY made with fluorescent paint. These kinds of decorative items are very attractive and we hope they will inspire you for your...

Patos pintados en piedras por PiedraCreativa

Ducks in rock painting

Water ducks in rock painting Hello! Today we show you a family of ducks painted in stones. At this time, these ducks remind us of the time of change. Back to the routine. These painted stones show the duck mom taking...

Manualidad de piedras pintadas hamburguesa PiedraCreativa

How to make a paper napkin holder

¿How to make a paper napkin holder in rock painting? This paper napkin came suddenly to us, like almost all good ideas. If we eat on the terrace, sometimes it is windy and paper napkins fly. Once we placed a stone on...

Galletas en piedras pintadas de PiedraCreativa

Do you like cookies?

Cookies in rock painting Who likes a chocolate chip cookie? Children love them and are very easy and quick to make and joke with them. Materials To make these stone cookie you need: 4 round rough stones Acrylic paints...

DIY Gato de Alicia pintado en piedra

Cat Alice in wonderland

Cat Alice in rock painting Which is the right way? This craft of Alice’s cat reminds me that to know the way to walk, you must know the destination. And you, Do you know what is your way? I show you how to make...

DIY and rock painting for kids

In this category you can enjoy cheerful ideas to share with the little ones of the house.

With this special type of DIY, the little ones will be able to occupy their free time in a fun and educational way. The realization of these DIY will provide the following benefits in them:

• Regulate the great energy that children have.
• They will increase the capacity of concentration in these tasks as in school tasks.
• They will grow their creativity in the best time indicated for it.
• Develop better motor skills.
• Choose the colors to use, the shape, etc. Will make them learn to make decisions for themselves.
• They will create stronger bonds of union and will foster personal relationships with loved ones with whom they share this fun time.

Enjoy these DIY!

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