Piedras con pegatinas para hacer con los peques

Stones with stickers

Stones with stickers, a quick and easy craft This stone craft with stickers is very simple and easy to make by children because they are only 3 steps: Paint a white background. Paste the stickers Apply the varnish...

Manualidad muñeco de nieve en piedras pintadas de PiedraCreativa

3D snowman

Surprised with a snowman on stones Winter came, the cold suddenly surprised us all and today we also want to surprise you. In this case we do it with a fantastic snowman that announces the white Christmas. In this time...

DIY and rock painting for kids

In this category you can enjoy cheerful ideas to share with the little ones of the house.

With this special type of DIY, the little ones will be able to occupy their free time in a fun and educational way. The realization of these DIY will provide the following benefits in them:

• Regulate the great energy that children have.
• They will increase the capacity of concentration in these tasks as in school tasks.
• They will grow their creativity in the best time indicated for it.
• Develop better motor skills.
• Choose the colors to use, the shape, etc. Will make them learn to make decisions for themselves.
• They will create stronger bonds of union and will foster personal relationships with loved ones with whom they share this fun time.

Enjoy these DIY!