Stones with stickers

Piedras con pegatinas para hacer con los peques

Stones with stickers, a quick and easy craft

This stone craft with stickers is very simple and easy to make by children because they are only 3 steps:

  • Paint a white background.
  • Paste the stickers
  • Apply the varnish

This creative work has been done by Marcos and he has loved it because the DIY have been easy and funny.

piedras con pegatinas regalo para isabel 300x224 - Stones with stickers
Stones with stickers


The materials you need are:

  • Stones
  • Acrylic white paint
  • 2 brushes
  • Stickers
  • Vitrifying varnish
  • 1 wooden box
  • Masking tape

Steps to follow

Before starting to do this type of craft, cover the surface well with paper or newspapers to protect it, put on clothes that do not mind getting dirty, and … Enjoy it!

If this is the first time you paint stones, see our tips section, there you will find several articles such as the “Top 10 tips for painting stones with kids”

Choose and wash the stones

The first thing you should keep in mind is the size of the stickers, since it will be the reference to choose the stones of the right size.

escoger medida de pegatinas para pegar en piedras 300x224 - Stones with stickers
Choose the stones

Paint in white

Paint two layers of white acrylic paint, it is important that you let them dry very well between each layer.

pintar de blanco piedras para pegatinas 300x224 - Stones with stickers
Painting the stones white

Paste the stickers

Once the paint is dry (we wait until the next day to paste them) stick the stickers on the stones. In case they do not stick well, use a contact adhesive or flexible type (if you use a glue, expect it to be well dried for the next step).

Varnish and protect

Apply varnish to protect and obtain a good finish. This step is very important, since you will get the sticker and the painting are well fixed and your work will last in time. We leave you a link of different types of varnish that you can use.

piedras pintadas con pegatinas y barniz 300x224 - Stones with stickers
Stones painted with stickers and varnish
piedras pintadas con pegatinas piedracreativa 300x224 - Stones with stickers
Stones painted with stickers – PiedraCreativa

Prepare the box

Before painting the box, protect the clasp and hinges with body builder tape. Next, sand with fine-grained sandpaper.


materiales caja piedras pintadas 300x225 - Stones with stickers
Painted stones box materials

Paint the white box

Once you have the box ready (after you have sanded it), clean it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt. Then paint with white acrylic paint (we have used the same stone).

caja pintada para regalar 300x225 - Stones with stickers
Painted box

Decorate the box with stickers

When the paint has dried, paste the same type of stickers to the lid of the box to decorate it.

regalo caja decorada para piedras pintadas  300x224 - Stones with stickers
Gift box decorated for painted stones

Apply varnish to the box

Varnish the box with the same type of varnish that you used with the painted stones, so you will fix the paint and the stickers. And ready! we only have to wait until it is dry and wrap it with wrapping paper.

manualidad de piedras con pegatinas para regalo 300x224 - Stones with stickers
Craft stones with stickers

We hope you liked this easy way to decorate your painted stones and … Merry Christmas!

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I like painting a lot, especially cars.
Sometimes when I see Mum making a stone, I ask it one for me and I put many colors on this stone.

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