IMG 20180427 164258 285x300 - Desert Rose

Desert Rose

These mandalas are based on the precious stone called rose of the desert and as its name indicates, they are stones in the shape of roses. They are made with acrylic paints and the outline is made with gold-plated...

Flores en piedras pintadas por Marzena

Flowers on stones

Flowers on stones painted with a lot of color Today I bring you some pieces that I painted some time ago. Their colors inspire a lot of joy, they are bright colors with a lot of light and they remind me of the warm...

DIY piedras pintadas azules de flores en PiedraCreativa

Decorative flowers stone

Flower stones for the living room Today we have a new idea of decorating the room. In the last purchase on Amazon I found a wonderful fabric and I thought of painting these beautiful decorative stones. With this new...

Manualidad de piedra pintada con hada de PiedraCreativa

Magic Fairy’s in your home

Dou you believe in fairies? A sweet fairy painted in stone This sweet DIY transports us to our childhood in which magic and fairies made us dream. To do this DIY, we have used the following materials: Stone Brushes...


Do you feel good when you are in the middle of nature? Why not create it in your own home?

Use materials from nature that transport you to it. Materials such as stones, branches, wood, etc. Are ideal for generating these beautiful environments in your home.

What are the benefits that you can get with this type of decoration?
• The environment of nature reduces stress in people.
• Increases productivity in work environments.
• The green tones of plants and brown wood, earth, … generate a good feeling of well-being.

The nature in your home!