DIY Cuadro con piedras pintadas de nombres para profe Ana

Tree painted rock to remember

A special tree to remember Trees with painted stones are great DIY to give to that special person who has helped a large group. In this particular case, what better than giving it to a great teacher who has done so much for our children? Thanks a...

Manualidad de piedra pintada con hada de PiedraCreativa

Magic Fairy’s in your home

Dou you believe in fairies? A sweet fairy painted in stone This sweet DIY transports us to our childhood in which magic and fairies made us dream. To do this DIY, we have used the following materials: Stone Brushes Pencil and rubber Awl Acrylic...


Rock painting with mandalas

How to paint a mandala in stone? Learning to make mandalas on painted stones is an activity that I love and if you add the benefits that it adds, surely you also aim to do this DIY. If you want to know more about the benefits and meaning of mandalas...

Puntillismo sobre piedra

Tree painted in stone with pointillism

Pointillism craft with the centenary tree Here are the materials and steps for doing this DIY: Materials for painting stone with pointillism Smooth stone Pencil and rubber Brushes nº 0 and nº 4 Acrylic paints green, blue, yellow, black, white, gold...

Como hacer cactus con piedras

How to paint cactus rocks

Creating cactus with stones is a fun way to decorate your home Paint cactus with stones gives us the possibility to create beautiful crafts that will adorn the corners of our home. To create these beautiful cactus crafts painted in stone we indicate...

Como pintar flores con piedras

How to paint flowers in stones

DIY flowers in rock painting Spring has come and so these DIY to create our flowers with stones. I love the joy of nature! With these crafts we will teach you how to paint flowers in stones. This DIY is an easy way to decorate our home or garden. To...

Regalo especial para el día de la mujer

For you “Woman” our special gift

For women’s day … a special gift March 8 is a great day, it’s women’s day. Many women have left a mark on the history of humanity and we want to thank all of them. Thank you for claiming rights and recognizing women’s...

Manualidad de hitos y amigos

Don’t forget…

Don’t forget and don’t lose your best friends (stone cairns) In PiedraCreativa we show you what are stone cairns. The stone cairns are elaborate signs that guide walkers to follow a recommended route. Usually they are stacked stones, one...

Maceta de cactus realizada con piedras

Painted Rock Cactus

How to create cactus with rocks? We show you how to decorate your home with cactus made with stones Tips for doing this DIY To do this DIY choose long and slightly rounded stones, so we will simulate cactus. You can use different sizes and shapes of...


Do you feel good when you are in the middle of nature? Why not create it in your own home?

Use materials from nature that transport you to it. Materials such as stones, branches, wood, etc. Are ideal for generating these beautiful environments in your home.

What are the benefits that you can get with this type of decoration?
• The environment of nature reduces stress in people.
• Increases productivity in work environments.
• The green tones of plants and brown wood, earth, … generate a good feeling of well-being.

The nature in your home!

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