Christmas tree painted rocks

Piedras con árboles de navidad

How to paint christmas tree on Stone?

From PiedraCreativa we have created these Christmas trees painted on stones to give a cheerful and fun atmosphere to this special time of the year. With this DIY (or other like snowflakes stones) you can find a fun way to decorate our home with something original based on this art of painting stones.


piedras con arboles de navidad clasicos 300x224 - Christmas tree painted rocks
Christmas tree painted rocks

Materials used

  • Stones: we can get them from nature (beach, mountains, rivers, etc.)
  • Acrylic paint.
  • Brushes (not too thick).
  • Acrylic markers.
  • Pencil and eraser.
  • An awl for painting.
  • A bowl with water.
  • Paper roll.
  • Varnish for stone (to give shine and protect the painting rocks).

Patterns used in these DIY

We have followed some patterns (which we have drawn previously) for the four stones used:

patrones de arboles de navidad clasicos 300x171 - Christmas tree painted rocks
Patterns for christmas tres


Vídeo with DIY details

 You can see the video (with subtitles in english and spanish) where we show all the details to make this Christmas DIY (possible decorations, small tips, colors to use on stones, etc.)

Enjoy painting with PiedraCreativa


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